HydraSleeve. Purge-free sampling

HydraSleeve. Purge-free sampling

The HydraSleeve is a disposable 2” well sampler with no need to purge.



The HydraSleeve is a disposable sampling system for which there is no need to purge the well prior to sample collection. This advantage means that level fluctuations are minimal. In addition, it incorporates a sealing system that ensures that the sample is taken on the screen of the well, making them representative. Its simple design makes it an easy-to-use and cheaper instrument than other sampling systems. Like any passive sampler, it is capable of obtaining a sample volume limited to its capacity. It can be used to sample any type of compound or for any parametric analysis. It incorporates a discharge tube that facilitates the transfer of the HydraSleeve sample to the storage bottle.

  • Economic.
  • Easy to use.
  • Does not generate purge water.
  • Collect samples suitable for all types of chemical analysis.


The HydraSleeve device is inserted into the piezometer and lowered to the depth where the well screen is located. The water pressure keeps the inlet valve closed. Wait a few minutes until the water that could have been moved during the descent of the sampler returns to a point of equilibrium.

When the HydraSleeve is moved upward at a speed greater than 0.30m / s the inlet valve opens, allowing the sample to enter. This one fills up as we go up the equipment. There are no changes in the water table and the mix of water or water agitation is minimal.

Once at the top, we will have the HydraSleeve with the sampled volume and the valve closed.


  • Long- or short-term groundwater monitoring.
  • Samples of poor performance wells.
  • Determine the dissolved pollutant fraction.
  • Sampled or twisted well samples.
  • Vertically define concentrations of contaminants or sample of compounds from a 10 ‘screen interval.