Granular Activated Carbon for water treatment MG 850

Granular Activated Carbon for water treatment MG 850

MG 850 Activated Carbon is a high-quality granular carbon manufactured using a steam thermal activation process. Due to its characteristics, the active carbon MG 850 can be subjected to successive reactivation processes with an excellent recovery of its indices. It can also be used in fixed bed or moving bed columns, with a minimum of losses during backwashing and regeneration processes.



MG 850 coals have high hardness so they have high resistance to erosion, which is why they can be used to retain suspended solids, asking to replace the sand or anthracite used for these purposes without having to change or modify the filters already existing.


The MG 850 is very suitable for treating well or surface water purification and also for treating wastewater with a predominance of pollutants of various molecular weights. It also obtains excellent results in both water dechlorination and tertiary industrial wastewater treatment.


  • 25 kg bags on pallet strapped and shrink-wrapped
  • Big bags of 500kg or 1000 kg of net weight on pallet, strapped and shrink-wrapped.


Warnings and recommendations on prevention and safety

Avoid inhaling charcoal dust. Wet activated carbon significantly reduces the oxygen concentration in confined spaces. Appropriate safety equipment should be worn when handling activated carbon for filter filling and replacement tasks. For more details do not hesitate to consult our SDS.


If the carbon is to be stored for a long time before use, it must be kept in its packaging, which avoids the contact of the product with air, since this oxidizes it and reduces the adsorption capacity. All the more reason to avoid contact with organic vapours, as these saturate the charcoal. If activated carbon is stored properly, the expiration date is two years from its manufacture.

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