Disposable bailers

Disposable bailers

Disposable bailers in polyethylene, PVC or Teflon are simple and inexpensive devices that allow sampling in wells (groundwater) or tanks.



• Depending on the water to be sampled, the bailers can be provided in different materials (polyethilene, PVC and Teflon).
• The sampling varies from 250mL to 4L.
• Available in packs of 24 with standard emptying device.
• Option: slow emptying system for sampling VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
• An engineered additive helps these bailers to be more biodegradable than typical plastic products (Based on additive tests conducted under ASTM D5511 test method).


When the sampler enters the well, when it gets in contact with water, a ball located at the bottom of the sampler begins to float (moves from the base of the bailer) allowing the water to enter the bailer. Once the bailer is full, it is shaken a bit a couple of times to seat the ball on the bottom of it and prevent water from leaking out.
Once removed from the well, the bailer can be emptied with the built-in device. The disposable sampler is single-use, avoiding cross-contamination and cleaning problems.


These bailers can be used for groundwater or reservoir sampling, piezometer purging, etc.

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