Disposable bailers

Disposable bailers

Disposable bailers in polyethylene, PVC or Teflon are simple and inexpensive devices that allow sampling in wells (groundwater) or tanks.



  • Available for 1, 2 and up to 4″ ⌀ piezometers.
  • Depending on the water to be sampled, the bailers can be selected from different materials (PE, PVC and Teflon).
  • The sampling capacity or volume of the bailer also varies. From 250mL to 4L.
  • Generally, they come in packs of 24 with standard emptying system.
  • Option: low flow system for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) sampling.
  • An engineered additive helps these samplers to be more biodegradable than typical plastic products (according to additive tests conducted under ASTM D5511 test method).


When the bailer enters the well, upon contact with the water, a ball at the bottom of the bailer begins to float (move from the base of the bailer) allowing water to enter the sampler. Once the bailer is full, the rope is tightened or shaken a couple of times to sit the ball at the bottom of the bailer and prevent water from flowing. Once removed from the well, the bailer can be emptied. The disposable bailer is single-use, avoiding cross-contamination and cleaning problems.


These bailers can be used for groundwater sampling, tanks sampling, piezometer purging, etc.

Advantages for the environment

  • More biodegradable: All Geobailers are more biodegradable than traditional plastics. A special additive breaks down the plastic more quickly. The additive causes the plastic to become an attractive food source for certain soil microbes, helping the plastic to be rapidly consumed once it is discarded.
  • Laboratory Certified: Geobailers are batch certified by the NELAC laboratory to be free of contaminants and suitable for environmental sampling.
  • Manufactured under strict cleanliness conditions: Made from FDA approved high density polyethylene resin. The polyethylene used contains no additives or plasticisers.
  • Improved design: Geotech’s “Orbit Flux” design fills 33% faster than other bailers. V-space for knot allows for trouble-free attachment of the rope.
  • Optional dual control valve: isolates the sample, thus sealing the bailer as it is removed from the well at specific depths.
  • Pressurised disposable bailer: This disposable Geobailer conveniently provides the ability to use dispos-a-filters™ in-line in the field, even when pumps are not available. By using a pneumatic hand pump you can filter your samples directly from the bailer, saving time while maintaining sample integrity.


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