Tester Ph, ORP, Temp

Tester Ph, ORP, Temp

Pocket pH, ORP and Temperature meter. waterproof, with replaceable electrode 98121.



  • Waterproof.
  • Replaceable pH electrode.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • Calibration in one or 2 points.

The COMBO HI98121 waterproof pH / ORP / Temp (+ -1000 mv) Tester is capable of simultaneously measuring both the pH and the oxidation-reduction potential. In addition, it also measures the temperature and constantly displays it on the screen. It is capable of floating, making it easy to recover in the event of an accidental fall into the water.

HI 98121 is supplied complete with protective cover, electrode replacement wrench, batteries and instructions.


  • Its pH electrode is made up of a renewable fibre joint that can be removed quickly and easily for its replacement, through a key supplied with the instrument. Then, the replaceable electrode, in turn, has two fabric joints that can be removed to renew the electrode in case they get dirty with routine measurements. Simply carefully remove about 3mm of fabric and renew the electrode. Both options will extend the life of the meter.

Automatic temperature sensor and compensation

  • The temperature sensor, housed in a metal tube, maintains fast response times thanks to its external position. The sensor is exposed, which provides a fast response time and its proximity ensures exact temperature compensation in readings.


  • It works with common batteries. At the moment it is turned on, it discloses the percentage of remaining battery life, in order to keep its operating state under control.

Stability indicator in the measure

  • The measurement stability indicator allows to obtain reliable readings. Devised in an ergonomic style.

Automatic calibration

  • Automatic calibration at one or two points.