Pneumatic packers

Pneumatic packers

Available from 2 to 6 inches in diameter. Made of brass or stainless steel for the injection of corrosive products.

Available for rental



Pneumatic packers are manufactured in a wide range of diameters to accommodate piezometers from 2 to 6 inches. Available with bypass or blind depending on the function you want to give them.

Stainless steel packers are available for the injection of corrosive products.

The right tubing and hand pump are also offered for each project.


The packers is inserted into the piezometer. It is inflated by a manual air pump, until the tightness of the well has been achieved. Once swollen, the tests to be carried out can begin. It is recommended to leave a pressure gauge connected to it to check that air leaks do not occur and the tightness generated is lost.


These pneumatic packers are used to plug pipes, carry out leak tests or are required for any maintenance work on pipes. In addition, they are also used for product injections at contaminated sites for on-site remediation.

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