Niskin Bottles

Niskin Bottles

Bottles takes sample of water column for oceanography. Made of PVC, free of metal elements inside that prevents various chemical reactions from occurring between the metal and the sample water, which could alter the measurement of certain substances.



Allows the taking of water samples at the desired depth. The vertical design of the bottle facilitates the flow of water as it is released.


  • Facilitates the flow of water as it is released.
  • Easy use and maintenance.

Different capacities and weights:

Code             Capacity           Length / Closure           Weight

60.100                  1.7L                        650mm                2.7 kg

60.200                  2.5L                        865mm                3.3 kg

60.300                  5.0L                        720mm                5.0 kg

60.400                  7.5L                        920mm                6.0 kg

60.500                  10L                         1.110mm             8.0 kg

60.600                  12L.                        1.300mm             9.0 kg


It consists of a PVC tube with plugs at its ends connected by latex rubber. The plugs remain open during the descent which facilitates the passage of water. The closure system located on the side of the bottle is activated by messenger to the desired depth.


In addition to their individual use, they can be used in series by fixing several bottles on the same line and triggering their closure by cascade couriers. This allows the collection of samples at various depths. Its use in oceanographic rosettes is also possible.

The bottles are compatible with Niksin mfd bottles. From General Oceanographic, Sea Bird (Ocean Test System) and other brands.

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