Multiparameter AP2000

Multiparameter AP2000

The AquaRead AP-2000 multiparameter probe ensures effective, accurate readings and stable measurements making field work easier.



The AP-2000 multi-parameter probe includes a range of standard sensors and offers customization options that allow you to add other ISE (Ion Selective Sensor) sensors. See table.

The AP2000 Package includes

  • Aquaprobe with 3m cable.
  • GPS Aquameter.
  • 250ml Rapid Calibration Solution.
  • Replacement OD membrane, OD filler and pH solution.
  • Lanyard, screwdriver, 5 AA batteries for the GPS Aquameter.
  • USB cable and PC application.
  • Protection and transport case.


  • DO (optical)
  • specific CE
  • absolute CE
  • pH
  • ORP
  • TDS
  • Resistivity
  • Salinity
  • SSG
  • Temperature

In addition to the standard Aquaprobe base parameters, the AP-2000 has 1 ISE port and 1 optical port.

Optional cable lengths: 10, 20 and 30m (standard).

AP20000-D is the Depth Recorder option. The depth sensor is capable of accurately measuring 0.5% FS.


Flow cell available

Each water quality test probe has its own flow cell that allows you to bring sample water directly to the probe. This is ideal for groundwater monitoring and some process applications.


Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Sensor

The AP-2000 has a fully factory calibrated DO optical sensor.

The sensor requires much less maintenance than the galvanic version and provides more stable readings, it requires replacing the cap only once every 2 years.


The GPS Aquameter records the data at the push of a button and downloads the data to a PC for manipulation and reporting. The integrated GPS allows you to always know where the data was captured.

It is IP67 rated for outdoor use even in the rain. It is resistant and very easy to use.


The IP68-rated Aquaprobe is constructed of marine-grade aluminium and is designed for use in freshwater, marine, and wastewater applications. Its metal construction and weight reflect the quality of construction.


Introducción Aquaread 2000

Aquaread Package

Calibración Aquaprobe

Calibración rápida Aquaread

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