ENVIROnutri is a bio-stimulant solution that contains nutrients that accelerate the growth and biological activity of indigenous soil microorganisms to support the biodegradation processes of contaminated soils.



The ENVIROnutri solution contains an ideal ratio of nutrients to compensate for possible nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) deficiencies in the environment (soil and groundwater). Nutrients act by bioactivating biodegradative processes, facilitating bacterial growth and activity, preventing processes from stopping due to deficiency of essential elements.


Preparation and dosage:

ENVIROnutri is a biological activator (macro and micronutrients) for the decontamination of contaminated soils and groundwater. The nutrient solution is ready to apply directly to the subfloor. It is recommended to prepare a liquid solution for application at a rate of 50 g / l and inject the products in the amounts determined by our technical service. Application in soil or groundwater in a C / N / P ratio of 100/10/1 to 300/10/1.


ENVIROnutri is recommended for bioremediation treatments in soils and groundwater contaminated with hydrocarbons, as well as in the on-site biological treatment process using bio-piles. The ENVIROnutri solution allows direct injection into the soil (unsaturated zone) or into groundwater (saturated zone). In the case of bio-piles, it can be incorporated while providing moisture, nutrients and surfactants, reducing treatment times.


  • It favours the growth of hydrocarbon degrading bacterial populations.
  • Reduces the time for remediation treatment of soils and groundwater.
  • Stable product, it is not affected by changes in pH, temperature, alkalinity, etc.
  • It is not toxic and biodegradable.
  • Does not require activation or special handling precautions.
  • Easy application.


20 l, 200 l drums, 1.000 l IBC.

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