Landfill methane outreach programme. Leveraging Untapped Landfill Gas Potential


Webinar. Landfill Methane oureach programme.

Leveraging Untapped Landfill Gas Potential

Increasing demand for renewable natural gas (RNG) could require developing new RNG projects. Currently, most landfill gas (LFG) energy projects producing RNG are developed at large landfills, but smaller landfills are beginning to be utilized to leverage untapped LFG potential.

Developing RNG projects at small landfills can present challenges in supplying stable and sufficient volumes of quality LFG to gas processing plants. Sysgaz Inc. will present a case study involving two small landfills presenting two cover types (clay/membrane) and two gas collector system types (vertical/horizontal). Supported by real field data, the presentation will review challenges and solutions for supplying stable and quality LFG to a gas processing plant.

Small and mid-sized landfills can offer potentially untapped potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These sites are often not considered as prime candidates for an RNG project in the United States due to the limited gas flow they offer, and high investments required for an average size project. Waga Energy, Inc. will discuss the potential for these sites, drivers that enable project development at small to mid-sized landfills and share best practices from developing RNG projects in Europe.


Charles Tremblay. Co-founder and CEO Sysgaz Inc

Tanguy Largeau. Bussiness Development and comercial Vice President. Waga Energy Inc.

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Date: March 10th, 2022.  Time (GMT+1 Madrid): 8pm

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