SST hydrocarbon leak detection system

SST hydrocarbon leak detection system

The hydrocarbon detection system in SST control piezometers allows continuous, remote and wireless monitoring of the underground water of the installations, overcoming the limitations presented by the systems of the same type existing in the market: the need for maintenance and the frequent appearance of false alarms.



It is a comprehensive fuel leak detection system that allows any installation to be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using a modular design and unique IoT technology, product integration can be tailored to any requirement.

The system does not require cables; therefore, the installation is remarkably cheap because no civil works are needed.

  • ATEX and IECEx certification.
  • Complex and programmable awakening.
  • IP68 protection.
  • Operating temperature: -20 ° to + 70 ° C.
  • On-demand reading of instantaneous or recorded values.
  • Data monitoring and remote control.
  • Programmable transmission, alerts and threshold management.


The SST system consists of a sensor that floats in the groundwater of the control piezometer and is activated, due to a physical-chemical reaction inside it, in the presence of hydrocarbon in the free phase (gasoline, diesel, jet-fuel …). The sensor is connected to a radio frequency emitter, which is placed in the well cap, and reads the information and forwards it wirelessly to the control unit, where the alarms are managed. It is installed in 10 minutes, without civil works, and it has a battery to operate for 7 years without any type of maintenance.

The information from the sensors is managed in the SmartGate control unit, which receives the communications from the sensors and activates the alarms in the case of a leak. The alarms, according to the user’s preferences, will be:

  • Local alarms: the control unit has an LED, a speaker that will be activated when one of the piezometers has been affected by a leak. In addition, the LCD will display the name of the specific piezometer. The control unit also has NO / NC Relay outputs that allow you to send information to existing consoles.
  • Remote alarms: the SmartGate has a GPRS / ethernet output module, which allows it to connect to the internet and send remote alarms. When a leak is detected, the control unit will send an alarm email to the person / s in charge of the facilities. In addition, it can send information to the SST server (or to a client’s server), where the user will have access thanks to a private access key and password.


  • Detection of hydrocarbon leaks in industrial sectors such as service stations,
  • Storage tanks.
  • Ports.
  • Airports.
  • Refineries and chemical plants.




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