Absorbent Barriers

Absorbent Barriers

Absorbent barriers are ideal for absorbing hydrocarbons and chemicals.

The Drizit range of selective absorbents repels water. Due to their hydrophobic nature, they remove the product from the water, floating in it and absorbing it from its surface.



Highly absorbent padding. Used for containment of spills and around leaky machinery to prevent leakage or spread. Excellent as a temporary barrier.

The absorbent sheets are also available for absorption of chemical products, if you want more information about these sheets, contact us at envirotecnics@envirotecnics.com


Depending on the discharge, they can be suspended in a piezometer from 2 to 4 inches. They can also be used on the surface (water and soil) to stop the spills generated.


A rapid response to hydrocarbon spills in water or on land. They can be used in marine environments.

For exterior or interior use where oil needs to be absorbed without collecting water. Use it in bunds, in lakes, ports, rivers and the sea.

Possibility of installing them in piezometers as a passive skimmer thanks to the installation of rings and a fastening system.


Product Hydrocarbon absorption capacity Dimensions Material
OIL BOOM (4 units.) 120-130 (L.) 3m. x 12.5 cm. diameter. Contains 95% recycled polypropylene.
OIL BOOM (2 units.) 157-172 (L.) 3m. x 20 cm. diameter Contains 95% recycled polypropylene.
OIL BOOM (1 units.) 131 – 144 (L) 5m. x 20 cm. diameter Contains 95% recycled polypropylene.
OIL SOCK (10 units.) 35-40 (L.) 125m. x 7.5cm. diameter Contains 95% recycled polypropylene.



Datasheet – Absorbent barriers

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