Spill Buddy selective pump

Spill Buddy selective pump

The Spill Buddy pump allows the recovery of the hydrocarbon-free phase (floating or not) up to 30 m depth, in piezometers from 2 “in diameter.





  • It is a compact manual skimmer, easily transportable in the field. It works with internal 12V battery.
  • The Spill Buddy contaminant extraction system is designed for the extraction of both LNAPLs and DNAPLs with a viscosity of up to 12 Cp at a maximum depth of 30 m.
  • Furthermore, thanks to the acoustic signal it can be used as a free phase detector.
  • Thanks to the Alpha-Array technology of its sensors, the amount of water extracted can be significantly reduced, making it an economical extraction system.
  • The pump and sensor are ATEX certified. However, the reel must be kept out of explosive areas.


  • An audible signal indicates to the user the position of the hydrocarbon-water interface. The pumping of the free phase is activated and stopped manually, thanks to a switch located on the spool. The intake head is composed of an interface sensor and a 12 VDC pump.
  • The Spill Buddy system comes with a 12 VDC battery and charger (cigarette lighter charger as optional). The autonomy of the battery is 1 hour (approx.) Of continuous pumping, approximately 150 L.


Selective extraction of hydrocarbons (light and heavy) in piezometers from 2” in diameter. Ideal for gas stations or industries where product recovery is required by reducing the amount of water pumped.


  • Selective extraction of hydrocarbon.
  • 12V power supply which allows pumping in areas without electrical power.
  • Avoid pumping water.

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